Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 7 - To the Capital!

Orum, Nozdormu and Chivas parted ways with the rest of the group, and left ahead to the capital. The travel would take about 2 days. Most of the first day passed calmly, until the arrival of twilight, when they were attacked by a group of four worg-riding bugbears.

Chivas was gravely wounded, Orum was forced out of his transformation for the first time, and Nozdormu took some heavy hits, but they were able to kill all the attackers, including the worgs.

The group rested, healed as they could. A merchant cart approached them, offering food and company along the way to the capital, if they worked as guards. The beheaded corpses of bugbears were a great business card.

Upon arriving at Goldarth, a gigantic city that towered above their heads, the group scattered to seek information about the Vampire Lord. They found out that the Count Babak arrived on a date consistent with the departure of the Vampire Lord from Stonebay, and has been living in the King's Court, ever since. Chivas didn't notice nor discover any unusual activity in the court, but, when asked, the servants said that despite the pale appearance of the Count, he doesn't seem to evade the sun. Through the night, she managed to impregnate the wife of a merchant (she had abstained for too long now).  Orum, investigating a poorer part of the city, made contact with a homeless kid and found out that some beggars have been disappearing. He gave the kid money to afford a room and a meal for the night, before leaving. Nozdormu notified his order about the incident in Stonebay, making the archbishops arrange a meeting with the king to communicate such matters.

Joining the gathered information, the group armed a trap to capture the one responsible for the beggars disappearance, dressing Orum like one. The sorceress and the paladin hid and watched, waiting for the time to act. The dwarf perceived movement on the roofs, and reacted quickly when the vampire jumped from above. The battle was quick and the warriors efficient, in a few second it was over and the creature had been subdued.

They took the prisoner to the archbishops, whom, shocked, sealed the monster and rushed to demand a conference with the king. The heroes had completed the security measures, but the mission would not be over until the Vampire Lord hadn't been turned to ashes.


Group Experience - 3000XP (1000XP each, Orum lvl 4)

Money – 68GP (bugbears)



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