Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 8 - Keep an Eye for the beauty

After the party split up, Varis, Veduil and Kendra set off to find Lusca, who disappeared after running away from the fight in the previous day.

Lusca woke up, dizzy, in a stone cell, with a few bones decorating its corner, inside a larger room. Being "guarded" by an asleep human, she had been stripped from all her gear, being left only with her common clothes. A faint noise directed her attention to a chest on one corner of the larger room sided by her trident and staff. After a few thumps, de chest opened revealing her squirtle, who then walked to her. Lusca asked the little fella to take the keys from the guard, mission that the little monster completed with ease, since the guard seemed to have a very heavy sleep.

Silently, Lusca retrieved her equipment and moved towards the door. Before leaving, she listened to four voices that were chatting in elvish, apparently having fun. The nymph jumped out of her hiding place and stunned the four high elves with her flashing and magical beauty. She tried to keep them at a distance with her Thunderous Waves, but they resisted and fought back. Gravely wounded, Lusca was able to stun her enemies once more, but a bolt from a guard's crossbow took her remaining energy. With her consciousness fading, Lusca allowed her fury to boil inside her, standing up and healing herself for a last round. With a final and augmented Thunderous Wave, she sent the four guards flying towards the walls, cracking skulls and blowing ear drums, claiming her suffered victory.

As she stopped to catch her breath, Lusca heard the faint sound of the sea. Waves crashing in the distance. Well, it didn't make any sense, she was kilometers away from the sea and inside a windowless building. But listening closely, she noticed the sound was coming from the wreckage of a wooden box crushed by one of the downed guards. Underneath the wood splinters, she found a trident made of shells. Recognized as one of her family's relics, the Sea Ruler Trident was now in her possession.

Looking for a way out, Lusca climbed some ladders and emerged from a trapdoor inside a dark room that looked like a storeroom, filled with crates and barrels. She noticed a pair of feet blocking the light coming from outside from passing under the door. Still very weakened, the cleric decided to eat and rest for a while.


Before finally leaving them, Orum tracked Lusca's scent to a house and left the bard, the thief and the ranger there, thinking on what they should do. The house had no signs of movement, and Kendra decided to pick the lock of the front door. After breaking her lockpick, passers-by found their actions suspicious to say the least, and called a guard to verify the situation. Kendra convinced the guard that they were there to deliver a fixed leather armor to its owner. The guard, still a little suspicious, told them that the house has been vacant for years, and to get more information (or its keys) they'd have to go see the mayor. Instead, Veduil started a performance in the middle of the street, starting with terrible and misplayed songs, proceeding to a truly wonderful concert, for everyone's surprise. The show, obviously, was just a distraction, while Varis climbed the house and entered through a window on the second floor.

Sneaking carefully into the house, Varis checked the second floor and found no living soul. While climbing down the stairs though, he slipped down some steps and drew the attention of a terrifying floating creature. He then quickly ran away and left the same way he entered.

Tired of all this bullshitting, Kendra set fire to the front door, destroying it, and revealing inside of the house the cultist that faced them the day before and a round, disgusting five-eyed creature, a Spectator. A few moments later, a guard joined them in the main hall.

The fight started and the Spectator momentarily neutralized Varis and Veduil, while Kendra was attacked by a floating ethereal sword, created by the cultist. Kendra attacked from distance, and after breaking free from the spell paralyzing him, Varis managed to shoot the monster's main eye, and shot a rain of thorns upon the enemies. Lusca heard the sounds of battle and noticed that the pair of feet outside behind the door left. She then gathered kerosene bottles and a few fabric pieces to make incendiary bombs. Sneaking behind the enemies, she threw two of her molotovs, barely damaging the Spectator, but raining fire upon the cultist and the guard.

Veduil was knocked out by the monster's beam immediately after healing Varis, who had been badly damaged by the creature's attacks. The cultist burned to death and Kendra rushed into the burning house to kill the last guard, who didn't land even one single bolt on anyone, and help Lusca leaving the house.



Party XP -> 1350 (337,5 -> 340XP each)

Lusca's XP -> 340(Party) + 800(lone fight) = 1140XP

Loot -> Sea Ruler Trident



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