Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 6 - High Threat

The party gathered later in Stonebay, bought supplies and prepared to leave to the capital. But, as they walked through the streets of the city, they were attacked by spies on the rooftops, followed by a group of mercenaries and a strange cultist.

At the start of the fight, Lusca suddenly ran away and disappeared. The party suffered heavy damage from the mercenary leader's heavy blows and the spies' sneak attacks, but were able to overcome their foes, killing all of them, except the cultist and one spy, who were able to run away.

After the battle, the group decided to split up, since they had to look out for Lusca and Nozdormu had to take care of the Vampire Lord situation. Chivas and Orum followed the dragonkin to Goldarth, while Kendra, Varis and Veduil stayed to look out for the Nymph.


Session Overall:

Party XP - 1750 (290 each)

Loot – Heavy Crossbow, Plate Armor (Nozdormu), Greatsword



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