Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 5 - Evil runs in the blood

As the rest of the party made their path to Stoneshore, Nozdormu and Chivas headed to Mankin, a small town to the southwest. It was a quick travel from the Village, but they arrived by noon. Nozdormu has visited the town previously, to judge a case of murder, and found it strange that it was so empty. The town still boiled with some activity, but it was way emptier than he remembered. Even though it's a small town, it is always throbbing with people coming and going, buying and selling. It's not exactly a prosperous city, it produces very few products and survives mostly through selling, buying and reselling stuff to other regions.

Even though the god of Death, Kelemvor, may not be the most popular amongst the common folk, the city was built around his temple, people respect him and pray for him to guarantee a safe passage for their loved ones to the afterworld.

Nozdormu and Chivas entered Kelemvor's temple to make the report to a very pale priest, who seemed concerned with the news. He claimed not to know the reason why the town was so empty, but something in his behavior made the dragonkin paladin suspicious.

Nozdormu decided to investigate the situation, and found out through a fish salesman that people stopped coming to the town since some weird stories started to spread. Legend goes that people were disappearing and reappearing after some days. People related to the victim proceeded to leave the town shortly after. He also found out that the first case happened a few weeks earlier, when the son of the only noble family in the city disappeared, supposedly after getting hammered with booze. The family left to Goldarth a few days after.

Further investigation in the, now abandoned, noble mansion revealed that the family recently got a new father. Old portraits showed the family with a hirsute, gentle looking man, while the recent ones showed a pale, serious man.

Back to the temple, where the adventurers would spend the night, they found, again, the pale priest standing in front of the altar. When asked where the other priests were, the man smiled and answered vaguely, but Nozdormu insisted in seeing them. The priest led them to a door, under which the paladin noticed a pool of blood, what made him draw his hammer. The priest laughed quietly, then loudly and opened the door, revealing the corpses of the God of Death's priests, with shredded throats.

Nozdormu breathed a stream of fire on the creature, destroying its clothes, and revealing its really pale skin. The vampire spawn then turned to face them, exposing its fangs, then jumped to the dark ceiling of the temple. With no vision of the monster, Chivas unleashed a sonic blast centered on the ceiling, but was unable to make him fall. Suddenly lunged from the darkness, it struck Nozdormu with its claws, and tried to grab him, but the paladin kept it way with his hammer and the power of light. Chivas wasn't able to cause much damage, but provided some support while her scaly friend fought the vampire. When the monster was finally able to hold a grip on the paladin, he threw himself and his 200kg upon his foe, pinning him down, while Chivas cast a spell that would save his life moments later. Even though he was able to keep distance from the monster's fangs, Nozdormu was badly injured in the battle, but was able to defeat and destroy the beast, after piercing its heart with one of his wooden darts.

Infuriated, the dragonkin concluded that a vampire, the step-father of the noble family, desecrated the domain of his master and killed His servants, and decided to follow its trail to Goldarth. A vampire lord mingled in the nobility represents a great threat to the whole capital.

Nozdormu and Chivas burned the priests' corpses and rested through the night in the temple. The next morning, while talking again to the fish seller, they were blessed by the presence of a mythical and legendary creature: the Cavala. Half fish, half horse, this majestic creature offered itself to carry them through the skies to where their friends were.


Party Exp: 1800XP

Individual Exp: 900XP



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