Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 2 - Death Awaits

After the brief battle against the skeletons, the adventurers concluded that there was a necromancer nearby. After asking a villager about a possible font of corpses, he pointed out that there was a Memorial Graveyard across the Royal Road. The Graveyard was built to honor the dead soldiers of an ancient war against the Orcs, and four heroes that made the victory possible, at the cost of their lives.

Under a harsh rain, the group arrived at the graveyard, and Lusca disappeared mysteriously. There they found the necromancer, who used his magic to(even if poorly) bring back to life the four heroes of the war: Reiner, The Wise; Jane, The Brave; Dave, The Barbarian and Torik, The Just. Most of the heroes were disgusted by the fact that they were touched by necromantic magic, and asked the adventurers to release them of that terrible state. With a whole lotta luck, Chivas was able to quickly dispatch the Half-Orc Mage. Even though the berserker fought fiercely, Orum defeated him with his bear form. Torik was purified by Nozdormu's holy powers, and Jane, after performing a dangerous magic, was too, taken down by the raging bear-man.

During the fight, the necromancer slipped through a portal that was opened on a large gravestone that stood behind the heroes sepultures. After healing their wounds, the group followed him through the portal, that lead to a huge crypt, dedicated to the Malark, The Guardian,  the Golden Dragon that assisted the heroes during their fateful battle. Unfortunately, when the group arrived, the necromancer was finishing his incantation, and summoned a Dracolich. Lacking his wings, tail, and many other body parts, it was clear that the job was way beyond the Death Mage capabilities, but still, the dracolich still posed a terrible threat.

They were able to defeat the dracolich and free the dragon's soul, that unleashed his fury over the foolish human who dared desecrate his resting place. Shortly after, a secret room was revealed, containing an egg which hatched a Dratini, who quickly took his place rolled around Nozdormu's neck.

The ghosts of the four heroes and the dragon appeared again, warning the adventurers to strengthen themselves, and prepare to the arrival of an evil, older and greater than the one they had faced. Malark gifted Kendra with a Dragonfang Dagger, since she was in a terrible lack of weapons since the prison break. With that gift and advice, the ghosts vanished, leaving behind the gear of their former bodies, the treasure commonly found near dragons, and a strange golden artifact, which Chivas found out to be some sort of draconic magic key.

Session Rewards:

XP: 7560(1260 each) and party level up(except for Lusca).
Loot: 300PO, Torik's Mallet, Jane's Mace, Dragonfang Dagger, Draconic Golden Artifact.



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