Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 4 - Playtime is Ogre!

After defeating the necromancer, the party retreated back to the Fisherman's Village to rest. With the new information brought by Lusca, everyone agreed to follow her quest, since it seemed foolish to deny a direct request from a god. Nevertheless, Nozdormu decided to contact someone from his church, so he could report the necromantic activity and Chivas volunteered to come along, for personal reasons. The rest of the group left towards the kingdom's capital, Goldarth. The travel would take at least 3 days, so they decided to stop by a smaller city on the way, to rest and stock. They then took off early in the morning, in a quick pace to Stoneshore, a commercial city halfway to the capital.

They had already traveled most of the way to Stonebay, when a man comes running from the trees that marge the road, followed by two ogres. The man had already hidden among the trees when the ogres emerged from the forest, so they turned their attention to the adventurers, that attacked and took care of them with ease, once Veduil took control of one of them with Crown of Madness. The battle hadn't ended yet, though. The ogres were incited to chase the man by a gang of 20 goblins, that revealed themselves blocking the road. The chief organized them, and their big numbers revealed to be a dangerous threat to Lusca, who jumped head first into the battle, and Varis, who was severely wounded by numerous arrows, shot from the goblins short bows.

Once again, Veduil used his magic to neutralize de goblin chief, reducing the organization of his underlings, and allowing his companions to overcome the numeric disadvantage.

The group looted the corpses, acquiring arrows, knives and daggers, and then resumed their travel to Stoneshore.


Party Exp: 900 + 1000 + 200 = 2100XP
Individual Exp: 420XP



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