Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 3 - Holy cow(call)

Upon arriving on the cemetery, Lusca noticed a sudden change in the scenario. The ground and the sky were traded by a floor and ceiling made of water, stretching as far as she could see. With stone pillars sustaining the ocean above her head, she identified that place as some kind of shrine, but it didn't feel like anything she had felt before, it didn't feel like the same world. As she looked to the big statue in front of her, the deep voice of Umberlee filled the place, coming from every direction. Sure, she had never listened to the godess's voice, but there was no way she wouldn't recognize the presence that has been with her since her birth.

Umberlee declared to have a quest for Lusca, but that she would have to survive a test of strength and endurance, against creatures from the deep waters, to prove herself capable of facing the dangers that were to come. With her powerful determination, devotion, and a little help from the Rod of Storms, lent by the goddess, she overcame the trials and proved her worth.

Satisfied, Umberlee announced the approach of a terrible darkness. The entity that almost caused the extinction of life on Reinarth, and forced Rhyannon to break off part of the continent. was preparing its return. As in the past, thousands of years ago, it was raising an army of creatures filled with the fierce power of darkness to, once again, try and destroy every form of life beyond the ridge. Umberlee also said that the artifacts Lusca was seeking, would too, aid in the fateful battle.

With the quest received, and aware of the challenges ahead, Lusca thought how stronger she would have to become to fulfill her destiny. Carrying with herself a trident, a trophy of the enemies defeated in the name of her goddess, Lusca was sent back to Reinarth, and to her companions.



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