Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 14 - Welcome, my Lord...s

The aftermath of the battle to protect the village was filled with joy. With most of the fires extinguished, the villagers were already preparing a celebration to thank their saviors, with music, booze and the best food they could afford to give. Pretty generous people, those guys.

The heroes woke up on the next day, surprised by the sight of all those drunk people already working hard on their farms, like nothing happened the day before. When leaving, the villagers gathered once more to thank them, without ever realizing that those three were their new rulers, and then returned to work.

By nightfall they arrived at the core of their territory: Greenshade, capital of the former Babak's Shire. Borna, took them straight to their castle, in the back of the city, the last trace of humanity before the grasslands turn into a dead desert. At the castle, they were toured around and left to rest at their quarters (since the castle was built to house a family, they spreaded out through the particular rooms and guest rooms until they were able to reform). They also dropped the prisoner ruffian in the dungeon.

Dinner's ready, time to meet the Counts' servants! After a short rest, the three lords were called to the dining room, where most of their servants awaited. Refulgent Shadow warmed up on Nozdormu's waist. The castle was, until recently, occupied by a family of vampires, so he decided to test the people that would be constantly around him. Touching, gently, the hands of the employees, searching for the source of the sword's reaction. One by one he tested, until he stopped in front of a young maid. After being touched by the sword, she smiled kindly and reached out for the dragonborn's face, but when her hand touched him, Nozdormu didn't feel a warm and soft hand, but something dry and bony. The kind smile turned into a wicked grin, and claws scratched through his scales, drawing blood. As an instant response, the paladin furiously blew a stream of fire on the creature, making all but three servants (and the maid) run away from the room.

Orum and Nozdormu faced the enemies 2 vs 1, while Chivas stood behind casting her spells. Orum's foes ended up being vampires, while the paladin was apparently fighting two young women. The dwarf did not waste time, and called forth the moonlight to punish the undead. He took quite a beating and was forced out of one of his transformations, but then summoned a pack of wolves to assist him and the vampires were destroyed. Meanwhile, the woman who injured Nozdormu, kept thrusting  her claws into the breaches of the paladin's armor, while the other one was barely able to scratch the metal. Nozdormu dealt heavy blows, one after the other, until his attacker perished and the illusion lifted, showing the dry and disgusting body of a hag. The other one had a similar fate, but by the hands of the sorceress, that, with her unpredictable magic, damaged her target with all kinds of hazards, dealing the ending blow with a sphere of sheer, invisible force, almost punching a hole through the monster.

As things calmed down, the servants were once more reunited in the dining room, except for one man that could not be found, even by the dwarf's wolves. Confirming that the remaining employees were not monsters, they also met their gloomy steward, Rodrick, and the scientist, Wilford.

Rodrick is a tall man, with black long hair tied in a long ponytail and tired, bored eyes. I guess living many years under the rules of a Lord Vampire and being able to not be turned into one has something to do with the fact that he was not amused with the recent events. He is the one that keeps everyone working, and assures that the castle stays in order, even when his master(s) are away.

Wilford, on the other hand, is a bald, short man, with wide eyes and a very excited nature. He works in a underground laboratory, and looked very pleased with the interest of his masters into visiting it. He happily welcomed the new bosses to his lab, his study and his(their, actually) library.

With the introductions made, and the problems solved, the heroes decided to call it a day and rest. Well, except for Chivas, who took an interest in the castle nurse and spent the night with her on an infirmary bed. Some people have kinks, Chivas has all of them.



Party XP – 5010XP (1670XP each)

Session 13 - RELEASE THE... Gricks?

At last, our heroes can leave Stonebay. Following the steps of their vampire-hunter fellows, they traveled to the capital, now accompanied by Tandor, the sympathetic dwarf paladin mounting his giant goat companion, and Lusca's new (stolen) horse. The party traveled safe for most of the route, camping by the road near merchants and their carts. But on the third day, around noon, Kendra noticed something weird. The earth was shaking. Laying on the ground and listening with her ear touching the floor, she also notice that the rumbling was gradually getting louder. The dark elf warned her friends that stood ready to fight, then suddenly a giant tentacled, wormlike creature emerged from the dirt trying to bite her. Kendra evaded the attack and jumped away from the group, trying to get some cover from the trees, as the remaining gricks of the pack finally rose from the ground, surrounding the adventurers.

Kendra, outside of the ring of monsters, drawing the attention of two of them and facing them alone. Tordan and Varis dealt with three of the worms that were blocking the way towards Goldarth, while Lusca kept mounted on her horse between them and the bard, casting spells, leaving Veduil in a very unfortunate position for someone with his talents. He sure was in real pickle, facing alone three drooly, ugly and smelly creatures from the Underdark. About that, why would these things be on the surface? Anyway…

While Tordan dealt mighty blows, almost shooting the gricks back through the holes they came, the ranger knocked and shot, with precision, arrow after arrow, creating screechs of agony from the beasts. Lusca still did not dismount, shooting bolts of light at the beasts, while the poor bard took a serious beating, while trying to retaliate with his spells. Suddenly, one of the gricks near Veduil dug underground, emerging below Lusca and her horse. The horse was knocked down but wasn't badly wounded and ran away, while the priestess managed to fall on her feet, indignant with the monster's audacity.

Away from the main battle, Kendra was doing pretty fine, actually. Seh managed to injure badly her foes, and even got to chop off a tentacle from the one which tried to surprise attack her earlier.

And then, something very weird happened. Veduil made a terrible pun, despite his state. The air suddenly became thicker. It was almost as if you could cut the tension with a knife. An immeasurable fury could be felt from the paladin, who was now red. He turned around and with a single movement, strook Veduil in the face with a punch so strong, it sent him flying away from the ring of monsters, knocking him out a few meters away. Without a target for his newfound rage, Tordan went berserk, attacking fiercely the monsters, alternating hammer and fist, crushing their bones and smashing them to the ground. As the paladin calmed himself, Varis had been knocked unconcious, but not before finishing off two of the giant worms. Tandor then ordered his goat to take the ranger away from the fight, moving him to the place where Veduil lain, awoke, waiting for an opportunity to run or join the fray.

While the paladin was in his blind rage, Lusca conjured Aid on the bard, stabilizing and waking him up. Meanwhile, Kendra had just took care of their foes and was now moving through the treetops, looking for a chance to land her sneak attacks.

Lusca dropped to the ground, badly wounded by the two remaining enemies, but when they were about to finish their helpless prey, a knife and a bolt coming from opposite directions pierced both of the beasts' "heads", and they finally fell, motionless, after a faint growl.

The group rested for a short while, mending their wounds, and kept moving, despite their state, since all and each one of them was eager to reach the capital and sleep on a comfortable bed.

They finally arrived at Goldarth, by sunset, amazed by the city's size and grandiosity, despite its poor districts. Rushing to an inn, most of the adventurers didn't notice or care about anything that was happening in the city, but Kendra's sharp ears heard some rumors about heroes exposing a vampire in the court, while Lusca noticed that, strangely, almost every single soldier and guard was accompanied by a Pelor's or Kelemvor's cleric. They didn't say anything though, as the idea of a hot meal and a soft bed seemed much more appealing.


Party XP – 3600 (900XP each)

Session 12 - The Loved Guardians of the Shire

The uncanny trio finally left Goldarth to meet their new lands. Accompanied by the child named Souta, three guards, and a servant to show the way, they traveled through the Golden Forest that surrounds the capital, before giving place to a vast meadow that homes Coinriston, an independent, commercial and wealthy city. The city is independent for it is not in the lands of any lord, even though it still belongs to the Kingdom.

The first day of travel passed with no disturbance. Even though Orum noticed shady presences observing from the woods, the presence of royal guards, and a big and well armored draconate dissuaded them to try and assault the group. They set up camp at the end of the day, and barely cared to the attempt of the DM of creating an interesting dialogue between the characters and the kid they kind of adopted, almost scarring the young Souta in the process. Anyway, they resumed the trip on the next day. As soon as they spotted the end of the forest, the group heard a bumping sound, approaching, and when it was close enough, a huge head was seen towering over the trees in the edge of the woods. An armed giant, an Oni, blocked their way to the green fields behind him. Two guards stood behind to protect Souta, Chivas and the servant, while one of them charged to the fight, and jabbed his spear in the giant's chest. That didn't do much, since the only response from the monster was to cut off one of the man's arms. Orum and Nozdormu ran to his aid, Nozdormu striking a massive blow against the giant, while the dwarf, changed into a lion, lounged ineffectively against the massive creature. The Oni suddenly breathed in a large amount of air, before spitting a freezing cold stream, that froze to death the soldier in front of him, and nearly killed the other two and Chivas. Trembling with cold, Chivas managed to shot an Acid Spray on the giant, before Nozdormu took it down with his mighty blows.

After the fall of the Oni, Orum noticed a presence in the forest and chased after it. It was early in the morning, and the sun hadn't rose yet, so he only recognized a humanoid shape running among the trees. With a sharp turn, the chase was taken to the grasslands, with the humanoid, surprisingly, running as fast as the dwarf's lion form. After reaching a spot with a few small hills scattered around, Orum noticed two more presences, lurking and watching. Thinking fast, he turned back into a dwarf, stopped the fugitive with Hold Person, then turned into a giant goat, throwing the creature onto his back, and making a u-turn to return to his friends. The two pursuers tried to intercept his escape, and failed by an inch, when trying to tackle him down. 

Nozdormu, Chivas and the rest of the company watched, puzzled, the approach of a giant goat, with a black shape shaking on its back. Orum threw the vampire to the ground and released his spell, as the dragonborn grabbed the creature by the throat. – "So you have Onis now, have you?" – he growled while crushing the monster's useless trachea. The vampire simply grinned and giggled at him. Pissed off, Nozdormu unsheated Refulgent Shadow and calmly touched its blade on the vampire's gapping mouth, burning it, and making him squirm with the pain. Satisfied with the result, the paladin was ready to begin an interrogatory, but – "I don't think he's going to answer." – Orum pointed out. A burning ring, starting where the blade touched, was spreading out, turning flash and bones into ashes. Laughing out loud, the creature uttered one last phrase before turning into a pile of dirt on the ground: "You can't fight darkness, follish lizard", and his laughter faded out with his body.

The group resumed the trip, stopping on Coinriston by noon.They spent the day on the city just to rest, since they still had the supplies taken with them from the capital. Oh, Nozdormu summoned a giant goat as his mount.

On the next day, by night fall, the company found itself crossing a small farmer's village. They wanted only to pass by, but suddenly, chaos was installed. Shacks on fire, people running, and big, strong men running around, half-naked, swinging axes at the villagers and pillaging their goods. The bandits didn't count with one detail: the village was already county territory. To defend their land and people, the three adventures stopped to fight. Orum turned into a tiger, and his mighty roar scared away some of the pillaging berserkers. The invaders partially surrounded the counts (and their goat) and began a ruthless fight. Even having faced great and powerful creatures, the heroes weren't used to the dangers of being overnumbered, and, even though the enemies weren't skilfull fighters, the battle was hard.  The paladin chopped, the druid bit and the sorceress pierced a lightning throw their foes, and suddenly, seven bodies lied on the ground, as the remaining assaulters fled from the mighty lords.


Party XP – 5610 (2020XP each)

Session 11 - Sandstorm by Darude

After rescuing Lusca from the flaming building, Kendra proceeded to carry the party's busted ass on her backs, since everyone, except her, had been badly damaged. As she dragged Veduil unconscious body, the same guard that intercepted them minutes before came to them again, absolutely histeric with the scene before them. "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING? WHY IS THAT BUILDING ON FIRE?" – Kendra sighed deeply and explained the situation to the guard, whom kept every single muscle in his body tense through the whole story. As soon as she finished, the guard ran away, returning minutes later with a distressed mayor, who wanted to hear the explanation once more. After being convinced that the fire was a necessary collateral damage to kill an evil monstrous creature, the old man calmed down, and, wiping the sweat from his forehead, thanked the heroes that killed the Spectator. That settled, they were taken to the hospital to treat their wounds, and remained there until the sunset.

Feeling better, they decided to leave the city and resume their journey to the mountains. As they reached the road that separates the town from the Sea of Stone, Varis noticed a change in the air. He looked to the horizon, beyond the Sea of Stones, and saw a massive sandstorm heading towards the city. Concerned, the party agreed to return to the city, just for safety, and entered the first tavern they saw. Lusca went to the owner and asked about the sandstorm, but he just laughed it off, affirming that it has been centuries since there has been a sandstorm that reached the city. Relieved, the group decided to do the wisest thing possible in a tavern: get HAMMERED. In an hour or so, Varis was very drunk and Veduil had blacked out with his face on the counter. Kendra and Lusca were tipsy, but fine. 

When the performer made a pause between his musics, the girls noticed that the closed windows were moving with the wind, to the point of banging hard once against the sill. As the storm subsided, Kendra also noticed that there was sand flowing through the gap between the entrance door and the floor. Suspicious of these recent events, they woke up the bard, while the ranger left to take a leak. After a few minutes, a terrified man barged into the place, sweating and breathing heavily. Lusca gave him some water, and asked what happened, but all he could do was gesture and speak – "Two… big. No, giant… And a dead, and, and… pincers, and…" – and that was pretty much it. Kendra and Lusca seemed to overllok the mention to the "dead", and told the ranger what the man said, to which he concluded that he was probably talking about giant scorpions. The priestess had had it with this city and decided they would leave as soon as possible… but the innkeeper (and many others) told her it would be impossible to run away from the town with a layer of sand that thick. So she had another plan. Without uttering a single word, she started picking up bottles of alcoholic drinks, which pissed off the owner, who wouldn't let she take anything without telling him what she intended. She tried to convince him that she was trying to save everyone and that she should be in charge, but he wouldn't budge, so she told him that the alcohol was for the crafting of fire cocktails. Surprised and relieved, he took the bottles from her arsonist hands, and led the group to a room with some querosene barrels. While the argument went on, Varis looked through a window and saw the silhouettes of the enemys, walking veeeery slowly into the city. They used a bit of the querosene to fill bottles, and Kendra hid a whole barrel in the nearest street corner, to be used as an explosive trap, as the ranger sugested.

Lights were out, the customers went to the second floor, where the rooms are, and the owner revealed a trapdoor to the roof, on the 3rd floor. And they waited. Waited until the monsters passed near the corner with the barrel, ready to light it up with an arrow. As soon as they appeared, Kendra blew up the barrel, burning badly the closest scorpion, and Lusca followed up with a beam of light that pierced the Wight's chest. The undead retaliated immediately, firing a painful arrow in her stomach, forcing her to retreat downstairs to heal. Kendra jumped to the building across the street with the barrel, and the scorpion she blew up climbed up after her. After Lusca's spell, the Wight took cover behind the other scorpion, so when Varis tried to shoot him down, he ended up hitting the arachnid. Our unlucky bard barely made anything. Still drowsy from the all the beer he drank, he just had time to focus on an accurate shot with his crossbow. But before he had the chance to fire, the scorpion on the ground rammed into the building, shaking it, making him fall and hang on the edge of the building and almost doing the same thing with Varis. The Wight took the opportunity, and shot the bard in the arm, making him fall on the sandy street, and as he tried to run back into the tavern, the scorpion's sting got him in the back, knocking him unconscious once more. His life was saved by the owner of the tavern, whom distracted the beast with a cocktail, while dragging the bard's body back into the building.

On the other end of the battlefield, Kendra found herself in a duel with a giant scorpion, making she have second thoughts about separating from her team. She saw her whole life go by, as the deadly, poisonous sting stabbed fast towards her heart, but her quick reflexes allowed her to cast her Arcane Shield, which was just strong enough to deflect the obiously deadly attack. She dodged death once, but took some heavy blow soon after. In spite of that, she was able to deal a serious amount of damage to the scorpion, with some help of the nymph priestess across the street. In the meantime, Varis transformed the other scorpion into a practice dummy, nailing it with arrows and lots of magical thorns.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. Everyone, even the remaining scorpion, turned their attention to the Wight, whom was now emanating an eerie, dark aura. He once more drew an arrow, aiming in the space between Varis and the scorpion, and released. The arrow split in two dark projectiles, hitting the ranger and the beast at the same time, being the hit followed by an explosion of dark energy, which killed the wounded monster, and knocked the remaining fighters down. The undead knocked another arrow, but this time he shot it in the street where the barrel with querosene was still burning. Between the explosions sounds that followed the arrows, the heroes could hear hurried footsteps on the sand. They got up just in time to see a half-naked dwarf leap over the flames and throw a shiny hammer on the Wight, knocking it back and down into an alley. Before the creature even had time to react, the paladin dispatched the damned soul to the afterlife, after calling upon the bliss of Pelor. The destruction of the Wight was followed by another misterious sandstorm, that drove all the sand back to the desert miles away.

As the battle was over, Varis and Kendra climbed down the walls to salute the friendly dwarf that came to their aid… while Lusca fumed with wrath, furious with the fact that an outsider interfered with her battle, killing her prey. Then, on a angry tantrum (while everyone else partied relieved), the priestess stomped through the city, searching for a stable, where she then proceeded to steal a horse, head back to the tavern, and demand that her companions followed her out of the city. It would have been a really imponent scene, if the horse wasn't stolen, if Veduil wasn't down and out, and if all this scene wasn't caused by a childish rage which only an excessively proud race would understand. Kendra convinced Lusca to wait until the bard recovered from his wounds, but Lusca could not stand the sight of Tordan, the dwarf paladin, so she set off into the night, to roam around aimlessly, just to vent out her anger and feel the wind in her hair.


Party XP – 2800 (700XP each)

Session 10 - Truth revealed! Shadows, begone!

After the Nozdormu drew the sword from the pedestal, a burst of light returned everyone to their original forms (if there was any need of it), also restoring their energies and powers. Then, a pitch black scabbard formed itself around the sword's edge.

As the group left the mysterious and ancient place, they faced a surprised city guard that looked shocked at the three individuals that walked out of a stone wall. The paladin noticed that the sword on his hip became warmer since they left the wall. Confused by their strange appearance and strangely unquiet by the sight of the divine sword, the soldier pointed his spear at them and ordered the adventurers to surrender their weapons and go with him. Of course, the party was not willing to be taken to prison like that, and as the lone soldier grew nervous, Nozdormu noticed his fangs and bursted a fire stream at him. The vampire soldier was able to dodge most of the flames, being barely scorched, and started to attack Chivas using his long pike. The dragonkin and the dwarf approached the creature, forcing it to drop its weapon and fight with its claws, also driving it further from the sorceress. The paladin was not able to land one single hit on the vampire, but the joined efforts of the magicians took it to the ropes, and Orum dealt the coup de grace, destroying the monster with his Moonbeam. Then Refulgent Shadow cooled down to its normal state.

Obviously, the intense show of lights and the sounds of battle drew the attention of more city guards, that seeing the remains of the fallen "guard", immediately uttered their prison order, deaf to the party explanations. Nozdormu tried to deny their orders with his higher military patent, and Orum tried to smash his way through, turning into a giant goat, but the City Guard Chief shot a paralyzing dart on the druid and overridden the paladin orders. All three were taken to the jail.




A few hours later, a figure shows up in front of their cell door. Count Babak was there to explain their situation.

"I must say, you lot have really made it this time, the king is terribly annoyed. But, as I am sure that you must have a reason for what you have made (and I am not a resentful man), I convinced the king to give you a chance. In a few hours, the city arena will be crowded with common people that would just love to see a good fight. If you are able to put up a good show (and survive, of course), he just may let you explain yourselves. Your battle begins in two hours and your gear will be returned before you enter the arena. I wish you the best of luck. Ta-ta!"

Perplexed, the adventurers exchanged glances, wondering if that pale nobleman truly was the evil monster that they believed him to be.

The time to fight came, and reequipped, the fighters entered the enormous arena. A great circle filled with sand and stone were seen through the opened doors in front of them. A noisy crowd screamed, cheered and booed at the challengers before them. On the opposite side of the great coliseum, on his private sector, was a very upset king. Even though he was angry with the murder of one of his guards, he always disapproved the uncivilized horror show that are the gladiator fights. After the narrator announced the entrance of the challengers, introduced their adversaries. – "Against these brave warriors, stands the legend of the pit, with an impressive score of victories. You know who he is ladies and gentleman, the King in the Arena, Ssssssssportacus!" – The crowd exploded in cheers as the doors on the opposite side of the arena opened to reveal a single human warrior, bearing  a shield, a spear and a short sword on his hip, wearing just a light leather armor. Before the party had time to be confused with underwhelming opponent, the announcer continued. – "Accompanied by his always faithful friend. They are inseparable and unstoppable. We all know and love her! Vvvvvvvvesta!" – Another burst of applause and cheers, but nothing happened. Suddenly, from the same door from which the gladiator came, a lump of sand started moving, until a blue drake emerged from the ground to stand beside his master. Sportacus was a professional. A skilled fighter who fought with precision and ability to amuse the crowd, not a bloodthirsty barbarian who fought for pleasure and the rage of battle. He stopped waving at the crowd to inspect his foes, and as he acknowledged powerful adversaries, his expression became serious and focused. Before the start of the battle, Nozdormu shouted: "May we fight with honor" – to which the gladiator replied with a punch in his own shield and a bow, showing the paladin that the respect was mutual.

Suddenly, the master of the pit and the giant lizard rushed to face their enemies. Orum transformed into a tiger, Nozdormu braced himself behind his shield to receive three powerful thrusts from Sportacus' spear, and Chivas widened the gap between her and the fight. In response to the gladiator's attack, the paladin landed a crushing blow on his shoulder, forcing the warrior to stand on one knee, while Orum and the drake faced each other in a clash of fangs and claws. Chivas repeatedly casted spells trying to slow down the resilient fighter. Sportacus counter-attacked with a insanely strong shield bash that was able to knock the big draconate down, following with two fast downward thrusts that Nozdormu dodged rolling side-to-side. After standing up, the paladin once more tried to slash his foe, but this time he was able to dodge the attack. Chivas kept piling up damage upon the fighter, what resulted in a spear thrown at her. Thankfully the spear missed and her next spell would bring the famous gladiator to his knees. Even being terribly wounded, Vesta abandoned her fight with Orum to put herself between her masters and the ones threatening his life. Dropping his shortsword on the ground, as he leaned on his scaly friend to be able to stand up, the King of the Pit raised his empty hands in a sign of surrender, smiling to the adversaries that disrupted his record. He slowly left the arena, as the spectators shouted and threw lots of coins into the pit as an offering to the victors.

 The party left the arena through the same door they entered, and an employee from the coliseum gave them their share of the sum collected from the pit (a total of 168 GP). The man then asked the adventurers to follow him, as the king would see them now. They entered a room teeming with guards. In the back of the room, the king Damian stood, sided by lord Babak. With a severe voice and expression he ordered: "Explain what happened last night."

Nozdormu stepped up and told in details the events of the previous night, showing, in the process, Refulgent Shadow for the king's astonishment. He then proceeded to demonstrate the sword's power to reveal the truth by forcefully ending one of Orum's transformation. As he finished his explanation, he noticed that the sword was, once again, warm, then looked to Babak. Once more, he noticed an distortion aura around the Count, as the ones seen when there's vapor distorting the sight in a hot day. After asking for the king's permission, Nozdormu inspected everyone in the room (except for Chivas) by touching them with the divine blade. At last, the moment came to inspect the Count. Seeing the nervous expression of the paladin, the nobleman said "Come." The calmness and conviction in his voice shook even more Nozdormu's doubts. As he approached the blade to the man before him, he suddenly felt resistance, as if the air had become solid. Babak's grin widened in a large smile, and Nozdormu's conviction was restored. He thrusted the blade through the barrier with all his force, turning the movement in a legit attack. The following second passed slowly. As a strange barrier popped like a balloon around the Vampire Master, everyone in the room watched baffled as the truth was revealed with the Count's macabre smile and fangs. The holy blade slowly approached the monster's chest, but when it was about to touch him, the Count turns into a dark mist, flowing effortlessly through cracks in the walls and disappearing. There was a cold moment of tension, in which seemed like the whole world had held its breath, and then, everyone in the room sighed, releasing the tension. 

After taking a moment to breath and relax, the king and the adventurers discussed about what kind of power would be able to conceal so well a Vampire Master's presence, but came to no conclusion. After realizing the danger he was in, the king dismissed everyone and gave guest rooms in the castle to his saviors, so they would wait until the next day when he would again speak to them.

Next day, afternoon. The three adventurers were summoned to the king's presence. To thank them for their bravery, loyalty and heroism, the king awarded them the former Count's properties, as well as his title, to deal with them as they pleased. It seemed that Babak's family as well as some guards disappeared through the night. Chivas and Nozdormu already were part of noble families, but they weren't part of the king's court until now. Orum never even cared about this nobility nonsense, but he was now also part of the court. As requested, the king arranged so that their new lands were marked in a map, and shown to them in person, so the new counts could get to know their new properties.

Later that night, the king threw a feast, to thank once more his saviors and to introduce them to his court. The Counts met many nobles, got contacts and made… "friends". While Nozdormu spent the night chatting with some fellow dragonkin nobles, Orum and Chivas were looking for something more "intense". The dwarf got ironically involved with the paladin's cousin, Shirley, while Chivas fancied the strong gladiator Sportacus, whom she summoned to her quarters. While Chivas night ended to be quite disappointing, Orum had a good night and, even though he may not be aware yet, he now has a son to come soon.

Past the festivities, now the group is departing to meet their new lands. On their way to the city borders, Orum found the little homeless boy, Souta, whom he had helped days before, and took him under his care, what made the kid shed tears of joy. Now they are on their way to their main property, where they can rule their other feuds and store their riches.


Party XP – 5550 (1850XP each)



168GP (56 each)


Skills – Nozdormu discovered Refulgent Shadow's "Detect Evil (Divine)"

Session 9 - Light and Shadow

In the following morning, a priest came to the adventures saying the king had summoned them. The party took some minutes to make themselves suitable to the royal presence. Led to the throne room, King Damian IV was standing, wearing his golden ornamented armor and holding his sword. High patent military were present, as well as Kelemvor's archbishops.

The king first thanked the three of them for bringing the vampire presence in the kingdom to his attention, but then asked why Lord Babak was being accused of being the Master Vampire. To solve the case, Damian called the noble to his presence, and explained the situation. Babak obviously refuted and laughed on the accusation, then the king asked him to step in the sunlight, to which the lord obliged.

For a moment that seemed like an eternity, the air was still as if everyone in the room was holding their breath. The Count stepped into the light and… nothing happened. The king sighed and apologized for the inconvenience, as Nozdormu did for his mistake. As the lord dismissed the apologies, de dragonkin noticed a faint, scornful grin on his face. Orum was not convinced and asked the lord to make a cut in his hand, for it is known that vampires have a powerful regeneration power. Babak did it, despite the king's protest, and showed everyone his bleeding hand. The king once again apologized for the troubles caused and warned the adventures against making such severe accusations without proper evidence.

On the way back to Kelemvor's temple, one of the archbishops advised the group to keep a low profile if it was their intention to stay in the capital, since making such a commotion had put them under observation. The adventurers didn't really worry about that.

As they reentered the temple, Nozdormu noticed a big raven landing on the god's statue. Their sights crossed each other and the paladin felt himself being drawn to the bird's dark eyes. Suddenly, after a flash, he was seeing the capital from far above, in the sky. Another flash and he was again in the streets, looking people pass by. One more flash and he was near the castle walls, in a space between Pelor's and Kelemvor's statues. Then he was moved through a soldier on patrol and the wall behind him, being now in a dark corridor going down a long stairway. The flash moved him once again, and he was now in a poorly lit room, with indiscernible images on the walls, and a pedestal with a black-hilted golden sword in the center. One last flash and he was back into the temple, the crow gone, and his companions giving him curious looks. Nozdormu explained his vision, and after gathering some quite unhelpful information with an archbishop, they set off to investigate.

When they arrived at the section of the inner wall which the paladin had seen, they inspected it, and Nozdormu found a slightly loose block engraved with a worn out rune. They figured it would draw a lot of attention to open a secret passage on the walls in the middle of the day, so they waited until after sunset. Returning to the same point at night, the blocks moved and rearranged to allow their passage into the secret stairway. Had Chiva's been a little more attentive, she would have noticed that they also crossed a magic portal, what would explain the millennial work found in the wall stones of the corridor by Orum.

They climbed down the stairway, eventually leaving the narrow corridor, that opened into a large chamber, as the stairway widened as it approached the floor. The dim blue lights that illuminated the room allowed them to see three passageways: A huge double door across the chamber, and two stone doors, without handles or keyholes, one on each lateral wall. Above the great doors there was an image of Kelemvor and Pelor raising hands showing their palms to each other, and the doors themselves bare two round holes. These doors were locked and immovable. The other two doors had above themselves antagonic images: Pelor creating light from within a black hole and Kelemvor suppressing the shine of a star. Upon approaching Kelemvor's passage, the stone door lifted itself out of the way, revealing an empty room with another door across it. As they entered the chamber, spears emerged from the walls and floor, wounding Chivas and Nozdormu. The dwarf was able to avoid the trap, wandering further into the room. He noticed new openings on the walls just in time to lay on the floor and evade the bare flames that bursted out of them, but the heat still burned his skin. With no time to react, he just planted his face on the floor to protect it from the darts fired from the wall in front of him. Luckily, he just got one dart on his buttocks, while Nozdormu's plate armor protected him and Chivas from further damage. As soon as the trap chain ended, the paladin healed the enchantress, since she got it worse from the spears. They then walked to the next door.

This door too had no handle, nor locks, but it did have inscriptions and a circular hole in it. Along the first quadrant of the circle, a phrase lit up: "I'm yours since birth, but you can give me to others. You may need me to live, but if I'm stolen, you will not die." Without a second thought, Orum uttered "The heart." and a fourth of the circle slid from the door into the hole, showing a glowing rune for "heart". Then another phrase was lit: "My hands take facts. My head utters veredicts." After pondering for a while, Nozdormu tried an answer: "A scale?", and again a second fourth of the circle slid into place. The next riddle read like this: "I cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be heard, cannot be smelt. I lie behind stars and under hills, And empty holes I fill. I come first and follow after, I end life and kill laughter." After a while, they realized the answer was "darkness" and one more piece fell into place, lighting up the last riddle: "I kill dreams and save souls. I free distressed hearts and imprison the evil ones." They spent a long while on this one. Trying different answers without success they started to consider giving up. But then the paladin said "No! We must find out the truth behind the vampires, we cannot allow that scum to roam free through the kingdom." And the last piece fell into place bearing a shining rune that meant "truth". The door finally opened, revealing a smaller chamber with a pedestal in the middle, bearing a perfectly round stone, which shone like there was a raging fire inside it. Wary because of the previous traps, they cautiously advanced to the pedestal, looking out for possible triggers, but they reached it undisturbed. The dragonkin took the orb and they returned to the main chamber.

Upon the opening of Pelor's door, they saw very dark room, in which the only light sources were two dim flames that sided the door across the room. They didn't find any sign of traps so they walked in the room, when suddenly Orum was stinged in the shoulder and felt terrible pain, as venom consumed a bit his flesh. After this attack, out of thin air, an Imp revealed itself, swishing its stinger. The paladin and the druid also noticed something moving in the dark and prepared for battle. Four shadows emerged from the darkness and reached to the adventurers, draining their energy and their strength (quite literally, actually), even though Nozdormu's Divine Smite destroyed one before it could even attack. Orum summoned a Moonbeam and disposed of two other shadows and then moved it to destroy the one that had been attacking his scaly companion. Chivas had been focusing on the Imp, and after Nozdormu hit him with a heavy blow, she froze it completely, making it shatter as soon as it fell to the floor. With a click, they heard the next door unlocking.

After resting for an hour or so to mend their wounds, the group advanced to the next chamber, much bigger than the last one, but not quite as big as the main chamber. The door fell back into place after they passed, and the body of a dead warrior, bearing a longsword and a badly damaged plate armor started moving, followed by the appearance of two ghouls, rising from the ground. Even though the creatures seemed menacing and terrifying, they were slow, and barely damaged the experienced fighters, whom gutted, dissolved and torn apart each one of them. The fight ended and they proceeded to the pedestal at the back of the chamber, that bare another perfectly round jewel, this one containing moving darkness, looking like a black hole.

Back to the main chamber, Nozdormu did the honors and placed the two orbs into the slots on the great doors. After a moment, the orbs shattered, releasing their contents, that moved and danced around each other, just to finally unite in a mutating sphere of light and shadows, floating in the space between the hands of the two gods in the image above the doors. Slowly and with a loud sound, the stone doors opened, revealing the chamber the Death's Paladin saw in the last part of his vision. The engravings on the walls told the story about the creation of the sacred sword that rested before them, apparently created in a joined effort of both Pelor and Kelemvor so the mortals would be able to drive away a terrible menace. The black hilt of the sword was just that: black. As it was made of the void itself. The blade, though, shone brightly, emanating a comfortable warmness. Nozdormu pulled the sword from its resting place and a burst of light pierced through the adventurers, dispelling Orum semi-bestial form, vanishing his fur and fangs, as well as revealing Chivas true Doppelganger form. Surprised by the truth, the dwarf and the dragonborn prepared to fight Chivas, who insisted to mean no harm to them (and was nervously trying to return to her common form). After the shock passed, they concluded that there was no need to be hostile to her. Admiring his new acquired sacred sword, the paladin noticed the engravings in the blade, written in a long forgotten language, that now, somehow, he understood. "Truth, Balance and Justice" were the words bore by the sword. Deep within, he already knew the name of the sword. He was now the wielder of Refulgent Shadow.


Party XP – 3000 (1000XP each)



Refulgent Shadow (Longsword 1)  > Melee Slashing Magic Radiant Damage - 1d8/1d10  2; +1d8 vs Demons/Celestials; Forced Judgment (2 charges, 3 days cooldown) > Adds 1d6 to damage roll.


Skills – Nozdormu learned the Ancient Language.

Session 8 - Keep an Eye for the beauty

After the party split up, Varis, Veduil and Kendra set off to find Lusca, who disappeared after running away from the fight in the previous day.

Lusca woke up, dizzy, in a stone cell, with a few bones decorating its corner, inside a larger room. Being "guarded" by an asleep human, she had been stripped from all her gear, being left only with her common clothes. A faint noise directed her attention to a chest on one corner of the larger room sided by her trident and staff. After a few thumps, de chest opened revealing her squirtle, who then walked to her. Lusca asked the little fella to take the keys from the guard, mission that the little monster completed with ease, since the guard seemed to have a very heavy sleep.

Silently, Lusca retrieved her equipment and moved towards the door. Before leaving, she listened to four voices that were chatting in elvish, apparently having fun. The nymph jumped out of her hiding place and stunned the four high elves with her flashing and magical beauty. She tried to keep them at a distance with her Thunderous Waves, but they resisted and fought back. Gravely wounded, Lusca was able to stun her enemies once more, but a bolt from a guard's crossbow took her remaining energy. With her consciousness fading, Lusca allowed her fury to boil inside her, standing up and healing herself for a last round. With a final and augmented Thunderous Wave, she sent the four guards flying towards the walls, cracking skulls and blowing ear drums, claiming her suffered victory.

As she stopped to catch her breath, Lusca heard the faint sound of the sea. Waves crashing in the distance. Well, it didn't make any sense, she was kilometers away from the sea and inside a windowless building. But listening closely, she noticed the sound was coming from the wreckage of a wooden box crushed by one of the downed guards. Underneath the wood splinters, she found a trident made of shells. Recognized as one of her family's relics, the Sea Ruler Trident was now in her possession.

Looking for a way out, Lusca climbed some ladders and emerged from a trapdoor inside a dark room that looked like a storeroom, filled with crates and barrels. She noticed a pair of feet blocking the light coming from outside from passing under the door. Still very weakened, the cleric decided to eat and rest for a while.


Before finally leaving them, Orum tracked Lusca's scent to a house and left the bard, the thief and the ranger there, thinking on what they should do. The house had no signs of movement, and Kendra decided to pick the lock of the front door. After breaking her lockpick, passers-by found their actions suspicious to say the least, and called a guard to verify the situation. Kendra convinced the guard that they were there to deliver a fixed leather armor to its owner. The guard, still a little suspicious, told them that the house has been vacant for years, and to get more information (or its keys) they'd have to go see the mayor. Instead, Veduil started a performance in the middle of the street, starting with terrible and misplayed songs, proceeding to a truly wonderful concert, for everyone's surprise. The show, obviously, was just a distraction, while Varis climbed the house and entered through a window on the second floor.

Sneaking carefully into the house, Varis checked the second floor and found no living soul. While climbing down the stairs though, he slipped down some steps and drew the attention of a terrifying floating creature. He then quickly ran away and left the same way he entered.

Tired of all this bullshitting, Kendra set fire to the front door, destroying it, and revealing inside of the house the cultist that faced them the day before and a round, disgusting five-eyed creature, a Spectator. A few moments later, a guard joined them in the main hall.

The fight started and the Spectator momentarily neutralized Varis and Veduil, while Kendra was attacked by a floating ethereal sword, created by the cultist. Kendra attacked from distance, and after breaking free from the spell paralyzing him, Varis managed to shoot the monster's main eye, and shot a rain of thorns upon the enemies. Lusca heard the sounds of battle and noticed that the pair of feet outside behind the door left. She then gathered kerosene bottles and a few fabric pieces to make incendiary bombs. Sneaking behind the enemies, she threw two of her molotovs, barely damaging the Spectator, but raining fire upon the cultist and the guard.

Veduil was knocked out by the monster's beam immediately after healing Varis, who had been badly damaged by the creature's attacks. The cultist burned to death and Kendra rushed into the burning house to kill the last guard, who didn't land even one single bolt on anyone, and help Lusca leaving the house.



Party XP -> 1350 (337,5 -> 340XP each)

Lusca's XP -> 340(Party) + 800(lone fight) = 1140XP

Loot -> Sea Ruler Trident

Session 7 - To the Capital!

Orum, Nozdormu and Chivas parted ways with the rest of the group, and left ahead to the capital. The travel would take about 2 days. Most of the first day passed calmly, until the arrival of twilight, when they were attacked by a group of four worg-riding bugbears.

Chivas was gravely wounded, Orum was forced out of his transformation for the first time, and Nozdormu took some heavy hits, but they were able to kill all the attackers, including the worgs.

The group rested, healed as they could. A merchant cart approached them, offering food and company along the way to the capital, if they worked as guards. The beheaded corpses of bugbears were a great business card.

Upon arriving at Goldarth, a gigantic city that towered above their heads, the group scattered to seek information about the Vampire Lord. They found out that the Count Babak arrived on a date consistent with the departure of the Vampire Lord from Stonebay, and has been living in the King's Court, ever since. Chivas didn't notice nor discover any unusual activity in the court, but, when asked, the servants said that despite the pale appearance of the Count, he doesn't seem to evade the sun. Through the night, she managed to impregnate the wife of a merchant (she had abstained for too long now).  Orum, investigating a poorer part of the city, made contact with a homeless kid and found out that some beggars have been disappearing. He gave the kid money to afford a room and a meal for the night, before leaving. Nozdormu notified his order about the incident in Stonebay, making the archbishops arrange a meeting with the king to communicate such matters.

Joining the gathered information, the group armed a trap to capture the one responsible for the beggars disappearance, dressing Orum like one. The sorceress and the paladin hid and watched, waiting for the time to act. The dwarf perceived movement on the roofs, and reacted quickly when the vampire jumped from above. The battle was quick and the warriors efficient, in a few second it was over and the creature had been subdued.

They took the prisoner to the archbishops, whom, shocked, sealed the monster and rushed to demand a conference with the king. The heroes had completed the security measures, but the mission would not be over until the Vampire Lord hadn't been turned to ashes.


Group Experience - 3000XP (1000XP each, Orum lvl 4)

Money – 68GP (bugbears)

Session 6 - High Threat

The party gathered later in Stonebay, bought supplies and prepared to leave to the capital. But, as they walked through the streets of the city, they were attacked by spies on the rooftops, followed by a group of mercenaries and a strange cultist.

At the start of the fight, Lusca suddenly ran away and disappeared. The party suffered heavy damage from the mercenary leader's heavy blows and the spies' sneak attacks, but were able to overcome their foes, killing all of them, except the cultist and one spy, who were able to run away.

After the battle, the group decided to split up, since they had to look out for Lusca and Nozdormu had to take care of the Vampire Lord situation. Chivas and Orum followed the dragonkin to Goldarth, while Kendra, Varis and Veduil stayed to look out for the Nymph.


Session Overall:

Party XP - 1750 (290 each)

Loot – Heavy Crossbow, Plate Armor (Nozdormu), Greatsword

Session 5 - Evil runs in the blood

As the rest of the party made their path to Stoneshore, Nozdormu and Chivas headed to Mankin, a small town to the southwest. It was a quick travel from the Village, but they arrived by noon. Nozdormu has visited the town previously, to judge a case of murder, and found it strange that it was so empty. The town still boiled with some activity, but it was way emptier than he remembered. Even though it's a small town, it is always throbbing with people coming and going, buying and selling. It's not exactly a prosperous city, it produces very few products and survives mostly through selling, buying and reselling stuff to other regions.

Even though the god of Death, Kelemvor, may not be the most popular amongst the common folk, the city was built around his temple, people respect him and pray for him to guarantee a safe passage for their loved ones to the afterworld.

Nozdormu and Chivas entered Kelemvor's temple to make the report to a very pale priest, who seemed concerned with the news. He claimed not to know the reason why the town was so empty, but something in his behavior made the dragonkin paladin suspicious.

Nozdormu decided to investigate the situation, and found out through a fish salesman that people stopped coming to the town since some weird stories started to spread. Legend goes that people were disappearing and reappearing after some days. People related to the victim proceeded to leave the town shortly after. He also found out that the first case happened a few weeks earlier, when the son of the only noble family in the city disappeared, supposedly after getting hammered with booze. The family left to Goldarth a few days after.

Further investigation in the, now abandoned, noble mansion revealed that the family recently got a new father. Old portraits showed the family with a hirsute, gentle looking man, while the recent ones showed a pale, serious man.

Back to the temple, where the adventurers would spend the night, they found, again, the pale priest standing in front of the altar. When asked where the other priests were, the man smiled and answered vaguely, but Nozdormu insisted in seeing them. The priest led them to a door, under which the paladin noticed a pool of blood, what made him draw his hammer. The priest laughed quietly, then loudly and opened the door, revealing the corpses of the God of Death's priests, with shredded throats.

Nozdormu breathed a stream of fire on the creature, destroying its clothes, and revealing its really pale skin. The vampire spawn then turned to face them, exposing its fangs, then jumped to the dark ceiling of the temple. With no vision of the monster, Chivas unleashed a sonic blast centered on the ceiling, but was unable to make him fall. Suddenly lunged from the darkness, it struck Nozdormu with its claws, and tried to grab him, but the paladin kept it way with his hammer and the power of light. Chivas wasn't able to cause much damage, but provided some support while her scaly friend fought the vampire. When the monster was finally able to hold a grip on the paladin, he threw himself and his 200kg upon his foe, pinning him down, while Chivas cast a spell that would save his life moments later. Even though he was able to keep distance from the monster's fangs, Nozdormu was badly injured in the battle, but was able to defeat and destroy the beast, after piercing its heart with one of his wooden darts.

Infuriated, the dragonkin concluded that a vampire, the step-father of the noble family, desecrated the domain of his master and killed His servants, and decided to follow its trail to Goldarth. A vampire lord mingled in the nobility represents a great threat to the whole capital.

Nozdormu and Chivas burned the priests' corpses and rested through the night in the temple. The next morning, while talking again to the fish seller, they were blessed by the presence of a mythical and legendary creature: the Cavala. Half fish, half horse, this majestic creature offered itself to carry them through the skies to where their friends were.


Party Exp: 1800XP

Individual Exp: 900XP


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