Tales of the Shattered Land

Session 1 - Messy Start

Kendra was captured by bounty hunters when their Growlithes casually caught her unusual smell. The Duke of Baymount became famous for the shows he provided to their subjects with the execution of rare Drows and gladiator fights with rare creatures. In exchange of a nice amount of gold, the hunters handed the young dark elf to the Duke guards, who sent her to the dungeons to wait for her execution. A Drow execution is a rare event, and word of Kendra's capture ran fast through the city, reaching the alert ears of Varis, as well as to the ears of a curious young noble woman.

Varis and Kendra have been together for a while now, and the news of his beloved being captured terrified the hunting guard. Desperate and lacking ideas, Varis reached to Orum for help. Orum is a dwarven druid who guards and lives in the forest that surrounds the Duke's city. Despite disliking each other, Varis and Orum have been acquainted for a while and the dwarf became fond of Kendra. It was nightfall when both of them started devising a plan to rescue the dark elf.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure enters the dungeons, covered in a dark cloak. Passing unnoticed through countless guards, it stops in front of Kendra's cell, staring at her with curiosity. No, curiosity is not the word, it was more like… lust. Offering help, Chivas, the young noble woman only wanted in exchange Kendra's story. After telling Chivas how and why she left the underground (noticing, unsettled, that through the narrative that the woman kept biting and licking her lips), the mysterious human left to salvage Kendra's gear. With a "little bit" of seduction and a few tricks, Chivas was able to retrieve most of Kendra's equipment, then leaving her to her own abilities. The escape attempt went south, and Kendra ended up back in her cell, but with a guard's body sinking in the water of the bay below. Sighing, Kendra stared again through the Death Door of her cell, looking at the moon and the bay that stretched out of the land. She didn't notice a strange little ship, drifting on the moon's reflection.

A few hours later, Varis reentered the city, mounting a big horse, proceeding to the dungeons entrance. Varis' steed was actually Orum, shape shifted. The enormous prison have been built into the rift, having all the cells opened to the bay, for any prisoner fool enough to attempt a daring escape. Jumping for "freedom" is suicide, because even if one is able to survive the dive, no one is able to reach a climbable point of the uneven terrain without drowning along the way. A long stairway led to the first level of the prison, almost at water level, where smaller criminals were kept. It then zigzagged up the rift, ending a few meters below the Duke's castle itself. The ranger kept guard of the entrance, while the dwarf entered the dungeons to rescue Kendra. Turning himself into a big lizard, Orum was able to crawl on the dark ceilings of the prison corridors, unnoticed, until he found Kendra's cell. Equipped with her skeleton key, she opened the door ot Orum, who then climbed up the rift walls, unclimbable to human(or elven) hands. Gathering all her strength, Kendra managed to hold onto the slippery reptile friend all the way up the rift, reaching her freedom unharmed.

The next day, a big crowd gathered at the execution courtyard to see the show, but instead, were told that the protagonist had escaped. Satisfied with their jobs, Varis, Orum and Chivas smiled, mingled in the multitude. Unexpectedly though, the Duke decided to contract volunteers to hunt down the fugitive Drow(who apparently killed a good, innocent man on duty), in exchange of a solid reward. Fearing that the hunters would be able to track down Kendra, who was now safe in the forest, Varis and Orum volunteered to the job, as well as a draconate Paladin and a human knight. The draconate presented himself as Nozdormu and the human as Jameson. A little later, Veduil, a bard, offered himself to follow them, as he could provide entertainment and help himself during the quest. The new formed party left almost immediately.

Oblivious to the recent events, a young nymph, Lusca, docked her ship at the western coast of the peninsula. Pissed of with the fact that her ship strayed into the indockable bay the night before, she stomped her way away from the docks of the fisherman's village, and almost hit a passerby with her infuriated hair-tentacles when she noticed that she was on the wrong side of the peninsula. Taking a veeeery deep breath, she traded her ship for some supplies and gold, and started her way across the land by foot, as she could not bear the sight of a boat any longer. Traveling through the forest, she accidentally met Kendra, who was distracted playing with a little yellow rodent. Feeling her kind spirit, Lusca approached her, and they got acquainted. After hearing that Kendra was a fugitive (marveled with the dark elf's naivety), Lusca took her to the temple she was headed to, where she would be protected.

Adamant, Nozdormu was determined to bring Kendra to justice. Not because she was a fugitive, since there were no charges towards her, but for accusation of killing a guard. Orum and Varis slowed down the group, while thinking on a way to end the hunt. They reached the glade where Orum and Kendra live, finding it empty, for their relief. Varis sugested they should search the nearby village for information about Kendra's whereabouts. There they were pointed towards an Umberlee Temple, unaware that that was actually the right place to go. Reaching the temple, they were confronted by Lusca, who would not allow their entrance in the temple if it wasn't her goddess will. The nymph convinced Nozdormu that the drow wasn't there, while showing the others signals that she knew who they were and that they should come back later, without the hostiles. Even though Varis stupidity almost blew their cover, the party returned to the village so they could spend the night.

In the dead of night, Varis and Orum went once again to the temple, having to cross the waterbody that now separated the temple from the land, due to the rising tides. The way was also covered by a fog created by Lusca, so when Kendra's friends arrived they could speak in privacy. Veduil was also able to communicate with Lusca earlier and left shortly after Varis and Orum, but he waited out of the water and outside the fog. A mysterious figure watched his back in the distance.

As the reunited friends prepared themselves to face the fierce paladin, Lusca felt a call. A sudden change on the wind, a chill running up her spine, something made her feel the touch of the goddess. Entering the temple she stood in front of the sacred fountain, where a statue of Umberlee poured water on a small pond. The water gleamed with a blue light, and suddenly a shell emerged from it, jumping to the temple's floor. After a while, a small turtle like creature, a Squirtle, popped its members out of its shell, bearing a rolled parchment in its mouth. The Squirtle then approached Lusca and handed her his "gift". Astonished, Lusca opened the document and saw a map of Reinarth, with a spot marked between two mountains on the south ridge.

Lusca, euphoric, returned to her new acquaintances and shared the news. Since they probably wouldn't be allowed into the Duke's territory soon enough, Lusca convinced them to join her in her quest, thus starting their adventure. But they still would have to deal with the paladin. It wouldn't be good to have an obstinate draconate following them until their deaths. As they had the numeric advantage upon him, the party decided to try and convince him to forgive Kendra and, if he refused, well… Too bad for him.

Leaving the temple, they met Veduil waiting outside the fog. The bard was amazed with the news and insisted to join the party, as this adventure would be a great inspiration for acts of heroism, therefore, songs of heroism. The mysterious figure watching on the distance revealed itself as Chivas, who was disguising herself as Jameson all along. She and Lusca seemed to bond almost instantly, and even though she claimed to have interest in helping the quest, her eyes didn't leave Kendra's or Lusca's body for a second.

The group arrived at the inn they should have spent the night just to find Nozdormu sat by the balcony, drinking beer of a large wooden mug. He didn't show any sign of surprise to see the whole group there accompanied by the drow. He just said calmly that despite whatever relation they would have with Kendra, she still needed to be judged. As the discussion was about to begin, sounds of tumult started to be heard. Through the window, people could be seen running in fear. The whole group headed outside and found out that a small horde of skeletons was attacking the village, setting fire to houses and killing anyone too slow to avoid them. The adventurers acted quickly and defeated the monsters swiftly, making the town safe again.


Session rewards:

Party XP: 650



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